We started with building a yacht for ourselves 16 years ago, and now Pacifico Yachts has more than 55 completed projects, including passenger and pleasure catamarans.
Now the shipyard employs 40 people. Our specialists regularly undergo training at leading shipyards in Australia, France, the United Arab Emirates and New Zealand, which allows us to create ships using international technology. The vessels of the Pacifico Yachts line were designed by the Albatross Marine Design bureau, chief designer Albert Nazarov.
The head office and production facilities of the shipyard are located in Vladivostok. We are located on the Pacific coast, so we know perfectly how to build ships for severe weather conditions. The shipyard has the status of residents of the Free Port of Vladivostok, which means it enjoys tax benefits. This allows us to offer a better price.
We work with official dealers of equipment and motors, which have representative offices in the territory of the Russian Federation and guarantee service.

Founding of a shipyard

The first Cat 26 built wooden yacht.

Making the first catamaran

Catamaran "Bosphorus". Vladivostok city.

The first catamarans with a length of 20 meters

Manufacturing of catamarans "Gross" 18 m. And "Ulysses" 24 m

The first passenger catamarans

Delivery of two passenger catamarans to St. Petersburg

Patrol boats for the first time on the water

Delivery of patrol and working catamarans to St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Makhachkala, Volgodonsk, Sakhalin

Serial construction begins

First projects of Voyager catamarans

The first Adventure boat

Launch of the first complete ship in the series: Pacifico Adventure 72

Start of serial construction

Launch of the main head projects of the series: Pacifico Voyager 199, Pacifico Adventure 99, Pacifico Cruise 120

Expansion of geography

The first catamarans Pacifico Adventure 99 in St. Petersburg and Crimea

Expansion of geography

The first Pacifico Adventure 99 catamarans in Khabarovsk and Irkutsk