Pacifico Voyager 120

Pacifico Voyager 120 is a real home on the water with open space on the upper deck and a spacious saloon. On the flybridge there is a rest area and a second helm station. Open space allows you to install sun loungers, a soft sunbathing area, portable dining areas - you can organize any kind of outdoor recreation.
The catamaran was created for relaxing with family and friends - part of the cabin is reserved for a full-fledged galley, and the floats contain 3 spacious cabins and an extended bathroom.


Length: 12.97m / 42.6ft
Width: 4.82m / 15.8ft
Draft: 0.7 m / 2.3 ft
Fuel: 1,400 l / 370 gal
Water: 500 l / 132 gal
Displacement: 10.5 tons / 23 148.5 lbs.


Main deck


Lower deck


5 years of Warranty

As at any shipyard, only longer.

Warranty for hull, exterior and interior. Whatever happens, we will come and fix it anywhere in the world.

Any color

When ordering catamarans from the Pacifico line, there is no limit to the color palette. You can choose any color from the RAL palette, and we visualize and then bring it to life.


For 20 years we have been delivering catamarans and ships throughout Russia and the CIS countries. The type of delivery is determined depending on the region. Most often - a semitrailer.
Delivery within Russia will take no more than 21 days. Insurance goes for every trip and situation on the way, no matter what happens.
Worldwide delivery takes less than one month. We know how to deliver by land and sea at any place.


PV120 Specification

Detailed description of the catamaran

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