Pacifico Adventure 99

Pacifico Adventure 99 is a versatile yacht for families, fishing, long excursions and day trips. The lightweight hull made of fiberglass on epoxy resin makes the vessel fast and economical, and the seaworthy hull contours allow you to feel comfortable on board even in strong waves. The catamaran is ideal for water recreation in the coastal waters of the seas, rivers and lakes for up to 12 people.

Pacifico Adventure 99 B&W

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Length: 9.9m / 32.4ft
Width: 3.62m / 11.8ft
Draft: 0.57 m / 1.8 ft
Fuel: 1,200 l / 317 gal
Water: 240 L / 63.4 gal
Displacement 5.5 tons / 12,125.4 lbs.

Main deck

Lower deck

Main deck "Cruise"

Lower deck "Cruise"


The control panel has never been more user-friendly than the PA99. We have tried to make the controls ergonomic, modern and beautiful.
Two 12-inch displays show information for transitions: maps, depth sounder, rear-view camera, engine and fuel readings, depth and water temperature.
The height-adjustable seat, shock absorber strut and pleasant padding reduce the captain's fatigue and bring what it was all about - the pleasure of going to sea.
made for long distance run

Two fuel tanks of 600 liters each.
Cruising speed is 22 knots.
Two motors of 300 hp Cruising range of 400 miles at cruising speed.
Category "B". 200 miles from the coast and up to 4 meters of waves.

Full comfort from rest is felt in the morning. There are two sleeping areas especially for this: a master cabin and a guest room.
All beds are 200 cm long. Enough to sleep well. The light in the cabins comes from side windows, and at night the lamps of warm light, installed directly in the ceiling, are turned on.
For reading lovers, there are two flexible lights directly above the bed. There are storage cabinets in each cabin. Size - 0.5 m³. The master cabin has an additional chest of drawers with two shelves.
Any color
When ordering catamarans from the Pacifico line, there is no limit to the color palette. You can choose any color from the RAL palette, and we will visualize and then bring to life.

For 20 years we have been delivering catamarans and ships throughout Russia and the CIS countries. The type of delivery is determined depending on the region. Most often - a semitrailer.
Delivery within Russia will take no more than 21 days. Insurance goes for every trip and situation on the way, no matter what happens.
Worldwide delivery takes less than one month. We know how to deliver by land and sea at any place.


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