Voyager 99 becomes Adventure

Test voyages of 2019 in the East Sea, Baltic and Black seas proved the pleasure category (Voyager) didn’t exactly fit to the project. Fully resistance to sea swells of 2 meters high allowed moving with the speed of 29 knots almost in all directions – towards the waves, along the waves and over the waves.

One of the participants of test voyages said, “I realize and accept what happens but my brain refuses to believe!”

We remember more from those test voyages when one of the guests was allowed to drive the boat. He sat in the captain’s chair, got the boat up to speed and slowed it down when he saw an approaching wave of 2.5 meters high. We asked, “Why?” He said, “Driving the monohull boat at such speed and at such height of a wave I would lie face down on the dashboard. We calmed him down, “No worries, this is a multihull boat, look!” We showed but the response was the same, “I realize what happens but I cannot believe.”

It is an ambitious project. We have a great respect for designers of Albatross Marine Design.

Pacifico Voyager 99 becomes Adventure in 2020. Comfort movement within a speed range from 30 knots corresponding to B category of ISO will be improved with:
  • control post with the better view, comfortable dashboard and captain’s chair;
  • innovative night saloon illumination and outdoor lighting which is so necessary while moving in coastal waters with not visible in the dark fishing nets;
  • original color solutions for hull with combination of Papyrus white 9018 (RAL), Graphite grey 7024 (RAL), Silver metallic 9002 (RAL).
A number of additional options designed especially for this project will be presented already in 2020. We will show the most of them in the new navigation season. More information about Pacifico Voyager 99 is available on the page of the model.

Best wishes to our customers, followers and colleagues. Happy New Year 2020!

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