Pacifico Voyager 120 of 2020 season

Coming 2020 navigation season is an expectation of new projects and upgrading well-known models. Pacifico Voyager 120 was designed by Albatros Marine Design for expression of large space on 40 feet of length. In 2020 this multihull boat will be presented with new colours of hull and technical novelties from inventors of modern equipment. We paid great attention to exterior and interior details, effective use of sources of renewable energy and reduce emissions of CO2.

What will change in 2020?

Solar panels

The top area of 15m2 is equipped with solar panels. On a warm sunny day power is enough for long operation of air-conditioner and all the other equipment.

Hydraulic platform

Upgraded model is equipped with a hydraulic platform. This device lowers the transom platform below the water level and then back to the initial position. Hydraulic platform allows lifting a ribber boat or jet ski easily without additional davit. It also makes your rest more comfortable - to climb through the lowered platform is more convenient than to climb the ladder.

Yanmar engines

The most cost-efficient and eco-friendly Yanmar model of stationary engines can be installed on upgraded Pacifico Voyager 120. To develop the same speed these engines require less fuel therefore they reduce the quantity of air emissions.

Additional storage sites

We have changed the approach to organization of space for storage - now lockers are equipped with LED lights and ventilation. This allows hanging even wet clothes.

New color solutions

A broad range of colors for hull is already available. Now the model can be presented in silver, dark blue, blue and bronze.

Detailed information you can get by e-mail or by phone +7 (423) 261-05-80.

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