Why semi-displacement boats cost-effective

Pacifico Voyager 117 is a semi-displacement boat. What does it mean?

Put simply, all boats can be divided into 3 categories:
  • Boats of displacement mode
  • Semi-displacement boats
  • Boats of planning mode (glissers)
The boats of displacement mode are constructed in such a way that they move more cost-effective at a low speed – from 0 to 10 knots.
The hull of a glisser is slowly raised above the water surface at a certain speed. It is going to planning. At this moment the resistance is less, a boat goes fast and runs out of fuel less. The most cost-effective speed range is 20-30 knots. When the speed is reduced below 20 knots a boat descends, the resistance increases and a boat consumes a lot of fuel.
Semi-displacement mode combines the advantages of both modes. Semi-displacement boats are more cost-effective in speed range of 10-27 knots – it was such speeds allow moving comfortable during sea trips.
It means, at the average speed of 15-16 knots your boat consumes minimum fuel and, in so doing, to enjoy the whole trip – to move freely on board, chat, cook or set the table.

And pretty soon we will present 2 new models – Pacifico Voyager 108 and Pacifico Voyager 90, which are semi-displacement.

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