How to choose a boat for fishing?

Fishing at the sea is quite different from fishing in small fresh waters. We keep posting our news cycle about choosing a boat and today look at characteristics you should take into account while fishing at the sea.

Readiness to the storm
When you choose a boat for family you should consider the seaworthy is important for comfort of your passengers. But when we talk about sea fishing, it determines not only comfort but also capacity to use it in any weather.
Therefore, the boat should have high sides, good deadrise and stability.
A boat of B category allows going to sea and feeling confident while the wave is up to 4 meters. This removes the limitations; you can go to sea for several days even while the strong wind.

The more power and fuel supply the far you can go to sea from the city. Thus, you can explore more discreet places.
The producers usually provide the information about fuel consumption per hour but we recommend calculating it per mile because it makes possible to understand how far you can go without refueling.

Technical equipment
Technical equipment and navigation are most important for sea fishing. A minimum set you should have is mapping, echo sounder and an electric anchor winch. An echo sounder allows finding fish and not going aground, an anchor winch allows dropping and weighing anchor by just pushing of a button.
For special types of fishing, such as fishing at night for squid, for example, you can set a halogen searchlight.

Equipped space
You should feel comfortable to fish well. The pillars are a spacious cockpit where you can work with gear, rod holders allowing fixing fishing rods, and downriggers. Important additional options are a fish tank for catch storage and different additional storage systems for important small stuff.
A deckhouse is important for cold areas. It allows getting out of the rain and wind, going to sea at night and sleep comfortably. When a boat has a full galley you can cook dinner of fresh catch right on the board after fishing and gather together with your friends. The key to have a good rest is good company!

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