Which boat to choose for Family

It is hard to choose your first boat; there are many options in the market and it is not clear what to look for and what specifications are very important. Some people in forums like to give forthright views that the most important specification should be the only one, the hull material, or seaworthiness, or cost-effectiveness, for instance. But in fact it depends on how, where and what for you are going to use the boat.

We decided to release series of articles about that how to choose a boat for different purposes. This article tells you how to choose a boat for the rest with family.

Number of cabins

The first question you should answer is how many people you are going to take with you. Choosing a boat is more like choosing a house than choosing a car because you will not change it every couple of years. Therefore you should relate the numbers of your family members with number of cabins on the board.
If you are going to use it overnight and you have children, it makes sense to consider with more than one cabin options . It is perfect when the number of berths corresponds to the number of family members and the saloon allows getting together.


Seaworthy level requirements depend on that where you are going to use your boat - at sea, at the lake or on the river. If your region just has small rivers or lakes without big waves you can make other criteria the priority - size of cabins, for example.

But if you are going to use it at the sea or at the big lake where the wind produces the waves the sea-kindly form is of great importance for your rest and comfort. When the boat bounces on waves, women and children are too seasick; it is hard to move on the board, objects fall down. Seaworthy level formally is defined by Category of vessel but in fact the best way to test it is a test drive in bad weather conditions. You can determine a preliminary seaworthiness by hull sea-kindly form.

The signs of good seaworthiness of the boat are high sides, deadrise (more flat bottom is better), narrow and high stem.

Comfort on board

The comfort, safety and free movement on the board are very important while you take a rest with children or with your elderly parents.

You should consider the boats with a flat level deck in cockpit and saloon in order not to use stairs all the time. Check the height of sides and whether they have something to hold on. If the boat has circular passage, check whether it is wide enough and has the railings. The saloon and cabins should be spacious. The great importance is a height of ceilings, you should take it into account to feel comfortable when you become an owner. You should check the stairs as well if you are going to use them while swimming.

These may seem insignificant details but they that create comfort. Therefore always go up to the board to evaluate ergonomics of the boat before final decision.

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