Fantastic 3 from Pacifico Yachts

Our flagship Pacifico Voyager 99, already has three different configurations: Classic, Sport Fisher and Cruise. To figure out their differences and which one to choose we gathered all information about them and turned it into an article.


Length: 9,9 m
Width: 3,62 m
Draught: 0,57 m
Engines: 2 x 200-350 HP
Fuel tanks: 2 x 600 l
Cruise speed: 23 knots
Max speed: 40 knots
Passenger capacity: 12 people
Hull Construction: Carbon fiber composite on epoxy binder

The multihull boat speeds up to 40 knots and has a high seaworthiness. A light hull made of fiberglass on epoxy binder makes the boat fast and cost-effective. And sea-kindly forms allow feeling comfortable on the board even in heavy rolling. The multihull boat is characterized by a shallow draft, only 0.57 meters, and a high maneuverability. Thus, it is suitable for operation not only in seas but also on rivers and lakes.
upper deck.png

The total useful area of 35m2 is comparable to studio apartment. There are 2 separate cabins, a bathroom with a shower, saloon, full galley and a spacious cockpit on the board of the multihull boat.
lower deck.png

Classic is the most universal configuration of the boat which suits for any form of rest. There is a saloon for 6 people, spacious bathroom and 2 cabins on the board. There is an L-shaped sofa which serves as additional sleeping area. Such kind of layout makes Pacifico Voyager 99 the perfect option for rest with family and friends because it can accommodate up to 5 people for night.

The cockpit in this configuration is equipped with a sofa for 6 people constructed over the entire width of the boat and two hatches with access to technical compartments.
Sport Fisher

Sport Fisher configuration is designed to dive and fish. It combines all suggestions of avid fishermen which have been considered over the years. The main feature if this configuration is a large aft deck covering 9 sq.m. This deck can be equipped individually at the customer’s request. You can place diving equipment, holders for fishing rods and additional tanks for catch storage.

The deck is expanded by saloon space; therefore, it is a little less here than in Classic configuration. But despite downsizing of the saloon all necessary functionality was kept. There are a dining area with table and sofa, galley with cooker, sink and 60 liters fridge.

Everything in this configuration is subject to maximum utility, therefore, the second cabin is a little less. But a master cabin and bathroom here are as spacious as in Classic configuration.

Cruise configuration is designed with a focus on swimming-related activities. There is everything for diving, swimming and sunbathing as comfortable as possible. This configuration reflects the suggestions of customers in warm climates.

Special platforms over engines are comfortable relax zones for sun tanning where you can
Take a rest not only during a stop but also while moving. There is an open passage to stairwell and water in the center of the boat what makes it perfect for swimming and leisure activities in the water. You can set the tables or additional chase lounges next to comfortable relax zones at the customer’s request. Enough space for almost any idea. One more sun deck on the roof can simultaneously accommodate up to 4 people.

Managed to expand the aft deck through a sofa lack while keeping a spacious saloon. The deck in Cruise configuration is still shorter than on Sport Fisher one, but a lot roomier than in Classic configuration. Therefore, this boat suits for fishing as well. There is a space for working with nets and fishing rods. And if you like diving for some seafood you can place diving equipment here. One of the technical compartments on the deck has a 50 liters fish tank where you can store a fresh catch.
You can quickly fry fish and seafood using induction cooker in a galley or roast them in the fire using grill or barbeque. It is possible to install this equipment on the deck at the customer’s request.

All 3 configurations are available to the order for 2020 season. To choose configuration, get know the price and order the boat you can by the feedback form on our website or contact us by phone number: +7 (984) 188 42 15


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