Myths about multihull boats

There are some misconceptions about multihull boats especially among people of Central Russia. Therefore today we will review the most popular of them.

Myth №1 - Multihull boats flip over

Cases with flipping of sail racing boats initiated the talks about flipping of multihull boats. The hulls of racing boats are made as much as light in order for the boats develop high speed. So, yes, they could flip over in strong wind and if incorrectly control.
But, multihull boats, instead, are almost impossible to flip over due to the construction on two floats and the lack of a lever as a mast. All cases involve flipping can be traced in the media are exclusively connected with incorrect operation.

Myth №2 - Delicate fiberglass construction could fall apart

Here let us digress briefly in order to say that we cannot be responsible for all multihull boats in the world, we are only responsible for ours. We build multihull boats not only for private parties but also for special purposes: patrol, military and working boats. Boats of special purposes are subject to special requirements; they should be ready for use under harsh conditions.

We follow the same standards in construction of multihull series – all parts of the construction are further strengthened by carbon fiber and the forward compartments are filled with PUR foam for maximum safety. So, in case of collision with stone, rock or other vessel, the floats are shielded from water in the boat.

We did everything to minimize risks and make it ready for hostile environments.

If you heard any opinions about flaws in multihull boats as types of the vessels share them with us, we will try to sort them out.


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