We deliver all over the world

We deliver the boats all over the world. Our multihull boats are already in Moscow, Saint Petersburg,Sakhalin and South Korea. Today we will tell you how and by what transport to deliver them.

There are 5 options of delivery:

  • by road
  • by train
  • by ship
  • under own power
  • in container

All multihull boats of Pacifico series besides the biggest PV199 are suited for in gauge transportation by road. This week one of them has successfully delivered to Saint-Petersburg. Transportation was delayed due to flooding in Irkutsk region and took 16 days.

Multihull boats were delivered by ship to Busan and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, they were shipping on deck. Shipping by sea is the most cost-effective way of transporting cargos over long distances. It is possible to deliver any boat of Pacifico series almost everywhere. But this option takes longer.

PV120 multihull boat reached Busan under its own power. ISO standard certification allows to do it.

The smallest boat of the series – Pacifico Adventure 81, we can deliver in container. In containers we also deliver the details for multihull boats to our assembly spot in Moscow. Then, from there we deliver ready-made boats to customers by road or under boats power.

A cost depends on a few factors such as boat size, delivery method and place of destination. If you are interested in delivery of a particular model, contact us and we will provide you with individual rates.


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