Where to Buy

We cooperate with dealers all over the world. To contact them, send your request in the form below and choose your region. We automatically send your request to the right dealer. If your region has not still had a dealer of Pacifico Yachts we contact you soon to answer your questions and organize delivery worldwide.

How to Become a Dealer

Pacifico Yachts actively develops a dealers network in Russia and abroad. We look forward to working with experienced professionals ready to make a team with Pacifico Yachts.

Corporate Sales Training Programs
Corporate sales training of your managers to requirements associated with sales of Pacifico multihull boats
Assistance in Negotiations
Accompanying in negotiations on technical details at first sales
Individual Conditions
Personal cooperation conditions for each partner
Extra Bonuses
Additional bonuses to a flat-rate discount with selling above the plan


Central office
11, Aleutskaya, st., of. 500
Vladivostok city, 690090