Why we build Multihull Boats?

Space. Seaworthy. Safety.

We live near Pacific ocean therefore appreciate the high seaworthy and comfort on the board while moving. We realize the own yacht is the home away from home where you’d want to spend the time with family and friends.Accordingly, the boat should has a large living space so an owner and guests could have a rest with maximum comfort where they can stand and move upright, sleep in spacious cabins and have several recreation areas to gather together.

Multihull Boats allow realizing everything above in
one vessel

High seaworthy
Pacifico multihull boats are designed for harsh sea environment.

Smooth movement

Pacifico multihull boats move smoothly; you can go on the deck and move freely in the interior of the saloon and cabins. This ensures the specific construction of the boat; two narrow floats divide a pathway through the sea and a high bridge protects from shots to the boat hull.

Boat stability

Thanks to specific construction a multihull boat doesn’t take a list. It lists only 3-5° even when sharp steering at full speed. You can take a dinner undisturbed - this keeps the liquid inside and things on their places.

Low weight

Our multihull boats are made of composite materials on epoxy binder therefore they weigh less than their counterparts. For example, the dry weight of 9.9-meter long Pacifico Voyager 99 is 5 000 kg. A multihull boat already glides easily at 3 000 engine speed thanks to it and hydrodynamic shapes of the hull.

Ceilings from 8 meters high and spacious living quarters are the key features of Pacifico series

Interior space

A wide multihull boat construction designed on two floats allows expanding a saloon above average and arranging the living quarters above sea level.

The living quarters are equipped with panoramic portholes which have a fantastic sea view. Even coming down into the float you are above the sea level. Natural light and beautiful view out of the window further increase the space visually and guests get seasick less.

High ceilings

Pacifico multihull boats have ceilings from 2 meters high and above. In average it is on 10 cm exceed a usual indicator on 1.95 meters for boats of average length . That might not seem like much, but these extra 10 cm provide a sense of the open space and fresh air.

This difference is crucial for tall people; with the height more than 1.80 meters in the space of 1.95 meters high you instinctively try to keep your head down and are afraid to touch the ceiling. Extra 10 cm create a free space overhead which allows standing tall even in cabins and move around the boat freely.

Simplicity of use
Every voyage on Pacifico multihull boat is an absolute pleasure.

Easy handling

Thanks to two engines and a light hull, the boat maneuvers easily and the circular view out of a saloon and the second control post allow berthing independently.


A light hull and high seaworthy allow moving more fast with the least fuel. Pacifico multihull boats consume fuel per a mile less than their heavier counterparts.

Equipment and finishing of good quality

No worrying about service because guarantee is valid for 3 years. We deal with official dealers of engines and equipment and use only proven and high-quality materials for finishing.

Technical design is the key to all of this

Albatross Marine Design is a Thailand-based design office which designs the boats for Pacifico Yachts. The Chief Designer is Albert Nazarov. Albert Nazarov is a constructor who graduated with a degree in Naval Architecture from the Faculty of Marine Technology and Shipping.

Nowadays he is a head of Albatross Marine Design and a member of Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME), Fellow of Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) and he is also a Chartered Engineer (UK). He has the Diploma in superyacht construction management from Maritime Training Academy (UK).

Albatross Marine Design specializes in construction of military, patrol and rescue vessels to the world. Therefore when designing the pleasure multihull boats they put in charge utility, functionality and technical characteristics.