Why do we build catamarans?

Comfort. Seaworthiness. Safe.

We live near the Pacific Ocean, so we value the boat's high seaworthiness and comfort on board while driving. We understand that your own yacht is a second home on the water where you want to bring your friends and family. Therefore, the boat should have a lot of living space so that the owner and his guests can relax with maximum comfort - walk the boat at full height, sleep in spacious cabins and have several seating areas where the whole company can gather.

Catamarans allow to embody all this in one vessel.

Smooth ride
Pacifico catamarans run smoothly - at full speed you can safely move inside the saloon and cabins, go out onto the open deck. This is possible due to the design features - two narrow floats cut through the oncoming wave, and the high bridge does not allow hits to the hull.
No more role
The design on two floats does not fall on one side - even with a sharp turn of the steering wheel at full speed, the catamaran gives a roll of only 3-5 °. While on board, you can safely dine - wine in glasses does not spill, and objects do not fall off the table.
Light weight
We build catamarans from epoxy resin composite, so they weigh less than analogs. For example, the dry weight is Pacifico Voyager 99, 9.9 meters long - 5000 kg. Thanks to this and the hydrodynamic contours of the hull, the catamaran easily enters the planing mode already at 3000 engine rpm.

Ceilings from 2 meters and spacious living spaces are among the main features of the Pacifico range

Inner space
The wide design of the catamaran on two floats allows to make the saloon and cabins larger than usual and to arrange living spaces above sea level.
The salon and cabins are equipped with panoramic windows, which offer a view of the sea surface. Even going down into the float, you are above sea level. Natural light and a beautiful view from the window visually enlarge the space even more, and the guests of the yacht are less sick.
High ceilings
On Pacifico catamarans, the ceiling height is on average 2 m and more. This is 10 centimeters higher than the usual height for boats of 1.95 m. It would seem a little, but just these extra 10 centimeters create a feeling of spaciousness and air.
For tall people, this difference is critical: when you are taller than 1.80 m in a space with a height of 1.95 m, you instinctively bend your head and are afraid of touching the ceiling. An additional 10 centimeters create a free space that allows you to stand upright and move freely around the yacht even in cabins.
Ease of management
Thanks to two engines and a light hull, the yacht is easy to maneuver, and the all-round visibility from the salon allows you to moor without assistance.
The light hull and high seaworthiness allow the catamaran to move more efficiently, which means there is less fuel. Fuel consumption per mile is lower on Pacifico catamarans than on heavier monohull counterparts.
High quality equipment and finishes
You don't have to worry about maintenance and repairs - the boats are covered by a 3-year warranty. We work with official dealers of engines and equipment, and in the decoration we use only proven materials.

The basis of everything is the technical project

All Pacifico Yachts catamarans are designed by Albatross Marine Design, which is located in Thailand. The chief designer of the projects is Albert Nazarov. Albert Nazarov - shipbuilding engineer, candidate of technical sciences, FRINA, CEng, MSNAME. Currently - Director of KB Albatross Marine Design, member of the ISO and DNVGL working groups on the strength of multihull vessels and on high-speed vessels.

Albatross Marine Design specializes in special purpose ships for the military, patrols and rescuers around the world. Therefore, even when designing pleasure boats, they prioritize practicality, functionality and technical characteristics.

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