What is Flexiteek?

We use both types of deck covering: natural teak and flexiteek. Flexiteek is a synthetic equivalent of natural covering which is as resilient to salt water as natural teak but it costs much cheaper.

The color of Flexiteek won’t fade. Flexiteek doesn’t absorb moisture, and therefore keeps an attractive appearance for many years. A wet covering is anti-slip, children can run barefoot on deck without any risks to slip and fall. By texture, it is as much as similar to the natural wood and pleasant to touch.

Unlike the natural teak, the synthetic one does not require to be worked with emery cloth and covered with special oils. It is enough to wash it with water and safe detergents.
Flexiteek is also popular because of its price. The total price depends on deck construction, but at average it is in two three times more accessible than natural teak covering.

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