Brand Pacifico Yachts has been operating since 2000. Today are one of the few companies in Russia engaged in the construction of passenger and recreational catamaran fleet, as well as patrol and working vessels made of composite materials.

Due to the shipyard experts’ skills, use of modern ideas and solutions in the field of materials and installed equipment we are able to carry out the most promising projects of modern shipbuilding. Diverse experience in building a wide range of sizes and types of vessels, annual internships and advanced staff development trainings allow us to perform on the same level as the world leading companies.

Our shipyard’s production capacity allows us to build vessels in the most optimal time period without diminishing the quality of performance. Each phase of the construction is carefully developed and repeatedly tested by a team of experienced professionals, because reliability and safety are always a priority in our production parameters. The entire production process is built into a system which allows us to quickly analyze the advantages and disadvantages and make modifications with minimal time loss. Years of experience have allowed us to come up with the best solutions in the industry:
Use of vacuum infusion methods, use of carbon fiber. It is a wear resistant material that can significantly reduce the weight of the vessel, thus increasing its speed;
Manufacture of high-precision tooling - matrices for different parts of the vessel; Large size of the workshop and its equipment, which allow us to construct several projects simultaneously; Clean Room - Room for the manufacture of small precision parts;
Highly qualified staff of composite vessels shipbuilders. Our employees are trained in several leading shipbuilding companies in the world - in Australia, France, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand.

In 2016 we have launched a new program to construct power catamarans from carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites instead of fiberglass materials. This cutting-edge technology allows us to build the new generation vessels with a unique combination of excellent ride characteristics and exceptional internal space and comfort.

Besides traditional vacuum infusion technology, we widely rely on prepegs and high temperature post curing to gain maximum strength. High-end carbon fiber composites from the leading manufactures as well as compliance to all applicable regulations and safety standards in terms of building materials and equipment ensure the highest quality of the vessels we produce, from concept through operational lifetime.